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Best Artificial Intelligence Apps

Want to gain the best assistance ever through your smartphone? These are the best artificial intelligence apps to help you on nearly anything!

Artificial intelligence is growing by the day, and sometimes, they're better help than humans! Through giving us feedback, informing us on anything, and just being there for us any hour of the day. Companies and businesses like Amazon and Google have actually created smart home devices based on artificial intelligence to give anyone assistance to a wide variety of requests. From questioning how old a celebrity is to the traffic on the bridge, the majority of your questions can be fulfilled with the help of artificial intelligence. 

However, you don't have to acquire any smart devices for your home to have constant assistance. There are actually apps you can download that feature artificial intelligence! Whether you need help with homework or dreaming of a personal shopping assistant, there are apps that can give you the assistance that you need. Interested? These are the best artificial intelligence apps to assist you every day! 

Time 2: Beat Procrastination by Blue Cocoa, Inc.

If you’re the type who procrastinates over everything, you seriously need this app. Whether you’ve been pushing aside projects for months or always doing last minute homework and essays, this app can definitely help you conquer your procrastination and even become stress free! Nothing is worse than procrastinating and then rushing to get a task done with regret.

Now, with Time 2: Beat Procrastination, you can add tasks into the calendar and also put in the time you want to spend on it. What makes this app even more unique is when you put in the amount of time you want to spend working on the task, you have to complete the task before the timer runs out. This way, it pushes you to work and you won’t get distracted! The app also features reminders and set tasks to repeat, to-do lists, and many more. Never procrastinate again with this awesome, motivational app!

Cortana by Microsoft Corporation

Have you heard of the Cortana by Microsoft? Now you can have her on your iOS device! We all need assistance every now and then and Cortana is certainly one of the best personal assistance you can obtain. As for one of the best artificial intelligence apps, you can keep track of your most important things anywhere you go.

The app can set reminders for you on your PC to complete a task, notify you on your phone about a doctor’s appointment, pick up something from the store, and more. One of the best aspects about Cortana is telling you if there's traffic on the route you take to work. She can find another and quicker way around traffic and straight to work. Information on flight packages and even trivial information like how old is George Clooney. He’s 56, by the way. But in all seriousness, when there's no one around to give you the answers you're looking for, Cortana has your back.

Siftr Magic - Clean and Share by Siftr Labs Private Limited

Admit it, you have a ton of junk on your phone like unnecessary photos, music you don't even listen to, and even apps that haven't opened since you installed it. As much as we refuse to delete any of them, they're definitely consuming so much storage on our phones. So, I think it's time to trash all the documents that are collecting dust off of your phone with the help of Siftr Magic! Among the best artificial intelligence apps you can install right now, this app can clean your phone right up.

But how can an app know what photos and apps you like? Don’t be fooled by Doctor Kleen! Yes, that’s his name. Invite Doctor Kleen into your phone and he’ll instantly find all of the junk photos and apps that are taking up your storage. He knows exactly which ones are important to you and which deserve to be thrown out. Doctor Kleen is smart enough to analyze all of your photos within a few seconds! Once he separates all the junk, you can simply trash it all with a single tap.

Seeing AI by Microsoft Corporation

Among the greatest artificial intelligence apps you can install, Seeing AI can literally narrate the world around you. This is truly an amazing app that can guide the blind anywhere they go. While the app is an ongoing research project, it can open up the world to those who can’t see by describing nearby people, texts, and objects. 

With the use of VoiceOver, the app can allow you to understand texts once it appears on the camera, an audio guidance from a printed page, scan barcodes, save people’s faces to recognize them in the future, identify colors, and much more. The app also features handwriting readings, recognize currency notes, etc. Seeing AI is designed to help the blind achieve much more in a complex environment!

HOUND Voice Search and Assistant by SoundHound, Inc.

Are you a sucker for dining at great restaurants, but don’t know what restaurants are good around you? Hound is an awesome app that can help you find restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and other eateries in seconds! You’ll be amazed by how quick the responses are when you ask for the best Italian restaurant nearby or cheap, but good, Chinese restaurants that deliver. However, that’s not all what the app can do for you.

In fact, the app can help you discover new songs to add onto your playlist, set timers and alarms, update you on the latest news, and even call, text, and navigate without using your hands! Simply ask Hound to call a specific someone and the app will do it on the spot. Hound can book you an Uber, search for hotels, calculate, plan a night out, and so much more. This app can basically be your trusty personal assistant!

Brainly Homework Help and Solver by Brainly sp. z o o

Struggling with math, literature, science, or social studies? As for students, we all can use a little help on any class and subject. Instead of wasting money on an expensive tutor, Brainly Homework Help and Solver is a free app that can give you the best assistance for work ever! Plus, it might be even better than an actual tutor. Millions of students use Brainly to study every month and they swear that their grades have never looked better ever since they downloaded the app.

Brainly is seen as the world’s largest social community where study partners can help you on almost any subject you’re struggling with. Your questions can be answered within minutes and even monitored by a moderator. You can also share your own knowledge, earn points, and gain ranks through assisting other students. Through problem solving in math to researching for an essay, one of the best artificial intelligence apps can be your best tutor to guide you all throughout school! 

MONA—Personal Shopping Assistant For 1,300+ Brands by Mona Labs Inc.

Mona is easily one of the coolest artificial intelligence apps you can install on your smartphone. Do you have trouble finding amazing sales and deals in shopping? Want a leather jacket but can't seem to find the one you're specifically looking for? No need to struggle any longer when Mona, your personal shopping assistant, can give you the best deals for over 250 retailers and brands!

Mona can give you exclusive discounts for your favorite brands like 75 percent off of shoes! Find the lowest prices on pieces of clothing you’ve been dying for and make every shopping experience holiday shopping. Through tailored brand and style recommendations, you can check out retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Farfetch, Nordstrom Rack, Urban Outfitters, and many… many more. Shop lightening speed and gain free shipping every time with this awesome app. Mona is definitely every shopper’s most favorite app when finding the hottest and best deals for any brand.

News360: Personalized News by News360 Inc.

We all want to know news based on our interest. While scrolling through article by article until we find one that suits our liking, it consumes time. Instead, News360 can give you the news articles fitting for you! The app can be your personal news app that learns what type of news you’re interested in. Once it understands the style, it can find the best articles and stories to share with you. Every time you use the app, it gets smarter and smarter and acknowledges your taste even more.

Through 100,000 sources on top national news to niche websites and edgy blogs, you can have access to these stories wherever you go. Either flying or commuting on the bus, the app gives you the chance to scan through headlines, obtain preview of certain stories, and get right into the content. News360 can also notify you with breaking news stories that you care about. So, get updated with the stories of the world you’re interested in with News360!

Pocket Expense - Personal Finance Assistant by Appxy

Are you the type who’s constantly lost on their financial status? The Pocket Expense is certainly one of the most useful artificial intelligence apps that is a full-featured finance software in your smartphone. The app is designed to keep track and thoroughly understand your personal finance. You can also check out where you stand financially anywhere you go. The app can gather all of your financial accounts together, categorize it, organize your bills, supply you with a set budget, and always pay your bills on time! Some of us tend to forget about bill due dates, and the Pocket Expense will never allow you to miss another due date again.

Easily manage all of your accounts in one place! The app features finance statistics for daily, weekly, monthly, and overall yearly. Manage your budget and stay in control of your spending. You can set yourself a limit and debit all of your payments. Check out how much money is left in your budget and learn how to save some money rather than falling into debt. This app is among the best apps to help you manage your money.

International SOS Assistance by International SOS Assistance, Inc.

Lastly, among the best artificial intelligence apps you can download, booking flights and understanding your destination can be nerve-racking—especially if you have no clue what you're doing. Never be confused when booking flights again, because International SOS Assistance can be your best assistance when traveling. The app is an essential tool for members of International SOS in traveling and expatriates. It’s a travel security app that gives global assistance to anyone in need. While the app is available in other languages like French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and others, you can call anytime for direct assistance.

International SOS Assistance can prepare you right before trips or expatriate assignments. You can also get instant access to the latest medical and security alerts exactly where you’re currently located or even your next destination. The app also works in airplane mode after you’ve logged in properly. 

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