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Best Apple-Certified iPhone Keychain Chargers You Can Buy

Looking for the ideal phone charger that can keep up with all of your travels? These are the ultimate Apple-Certified iPhone keychain chargers you need today.

When we're commuting to and from work, or even traveling, we're almost always on our phones. We find our phones to be the only source of entertainment and a way to kill time when traveling. When we're always on our phones, our batteries die quickly because of how long we spend on it. The worst is when our phone just dies on us while we're listening to music on the plane...

In the moments when my phone or even my tablet dies on me, I relied on a portable charger that I found for a cheap price at an electronics store. Little did I know that these knockoff portable chargers can ruin your device. After using the cheap charger for a couple of times, I noticed my tablet becoming slower and slower. The portable charger ruined my tablet and ever since then, I knew never to rely on knockoff chargers again.

We should start using Apple-Certified portable chargers. These chargers are more trustworthy, won't ruin your device, and they were approved by Apple themselves. Portable chargers play a huge role when we're traveling because there's literally nowhere to charge our phones when we're always on our feet. They're specifically designed for people who are always on the go. These are the absolute best Apple-Certified iPhone keychain chargers you need to get your hands on right now.

MIXIT Lightning to USB Keychain by Belkin

This portable charger can be your lifesaver the next time your cellphone dies on you. It's designed in a sleek and smooth style that can both charge your cellphone, and when plugged into your laptop, transfer photos! When you want to transfer photos from your phone to the computer on the go, you can simply use your keychain to get the job done.

Reynolds Charging Knot by Native Union

This charger is not only one of the best Apple-Certified iPhone keychain chargers out there, but it's designed in the coolest way. Native Union's charger is a charging cable and a keychain that features an oversized monkey knot that allows you to charge your device from any USB outlet while on the go. It can charge your phone pretty fast compared to many portable chargers on the market.

When your devices are dying on you, this charger can swiftly charge them in an instant. We're living in the age of technology and our smartphones contain literally everything about us. The Reynolds Charging Knot can easily attach to your keys and constantly be there whenever your phone needs a quick charge.

NomadClip by Nomad

The NomadClip is constructed in a carabiner-style metal loop clip that’s also a phone charger. The keychain charger includes two fold-out jacks that easily connect to your smartphone or tablet to any USB port. This charger can be used for charging micro-USB or Apple products in an instant. The clip is made out of scratch-resistant metal, so after using the portable charger for so long, the clip doesn’t look worn out.

Nomad's charger is seen to be one of the useful Apple-Certified iPhone keychain chargers, because of how lightweight and small it is. Don't be fooled by the size, this charger can fully charge your devices quickly. The small size doesn't get in your way, either, and isn't a hassle to bring around. Some of us hate carrying wire chargers, which makes this keychain charger the ideal charger for us.

Juice Pack Universal Reserve Quick Charge by mophie

Mophie’s rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery is known to be a favorite among many people who are looking for a Apple-Certified iPhone keychain charger. Since it’s a built-in USB cable, this means that there are no extra cords. When there are no extra cords, it’s not so much of a nuisance to bring around with you! The specific design of this charger makes it really easy to store in bags, backpacks, and even your pockets.

The Juice Pack Universal Reserve is a 700Ah battery that can charge your mobile device quicker than you expected. Wouldn't you want easy access to a charger than searching for an outlet for your cord charger? Definitely!

iPhone Keychain Short Lightning Cable by Avantree

How about a charger that can be hidden for protection? The iPhone Keychain Short Lightning Cable by Avantree is one of the handiest Apple-certified iPhone keychain chargers you can purchase now. There are moments when some of us need to transfer data and charge our mobile devices at the same time on the bus or on the train. This portable, keychain charger can perform the two while you're commuting!

This charger is very flexible, durable, and compact to keep both plugs safe from getting damaged. You can attach this charger to your house key, car keys, or even attach it to your bag so you’ll always know where to reach for it and never forget it back at home.

Lightning USB Charging Cable by Fuse Chicken

Fuse Chicken 9.8" Lightning USB Charging Cable Silver TLP - Best Buy
Fuse Chicken 9.8" Lightning USB Charging Cable: Steel jacket; key chain and pet proof; 9.8" length

Some of us aren't looking for a heavy, compact portable charger cable, but something more simple. This is where Fuse Chicken's Lightning USB Charging Cable can be your newest addition to mobile charging! At nine inches long, it's in the shape of a loop which allows you to hang it literally anywhere on you. You can hang the charger around your belt loop, the strap of your backpack, or simply attach it to your car keys. The Fuse Chicken cable is constructed out of stainless steel which makes it long-lasting compared to many other cables.

Three-in-One PowerBank Lightning by CulCharge

This inbuilt charging and data cable is one of the coolest Apple-Certified iPhone keychain chargers you can buy. It’s so lightweight that it perfectly suits hanging on your keys and it’s not a hassle to bring around even when you’re heading out to spend the night with friends. The Three-in-One PowerBank Lightning by CulCharge can charge your phone in an instant and even keep your phone's battery life going for a couple of hours.

This charger can fully charge your phone more than 500 times, so it's going to last you quite a while. It only weighs about 38 grams which is why so many people find this portable charger to be super convenient whenever heading off on long road trips. 

Mini 3400mAh Power Bank by DOFLY

The DOFLY compact portable charger is a heavy-duty charger that you can constantly rely on to fully charge your mobile devices. When you’re charging your device and it’s fully charged, the portable charger automatically stops to preserve its own battery life. Not many chargers can do this, and this is very useful because overcharging your device can ruin its battery.

The thick outer shell is designed to protect the charging source from high-temperature surfaces or if the charger is by any leakage. It will keep the inside completely dry and damage-free! The charger possesses an LG lithium battery and it’s compatible with the majority of smart devices, even cameras. The DOFLY charger is hefty because it's specifically designed to be long-lasting and protect the battery within the charger. 

MFi Lightning 8-Pin Keychain Charging Cable by ChargeTech

Finally, ChargeTech's charging cable is one of the most convenient Apple-Certified iPhone keychain chargers. First off, it’s small, which means that you won’t even know that you’re bringing it around because it’s so lightweight. This eight-pin keychain charging cable doesn’t have that obnoxiously long cord that can always get tangled and is annoying to store away. ChargeTech created a charging cable that's super easy to store away and simple to put in your standard USB port.

This charging cable is compatible with your Apple devices. Instead of carrying around a long cord charger wherever you go, you can simply take the ChargeTech cable everywhere! The standard USB and this cable are all you need to charge your Apple devices when you’re on the plane flying across the country. We definitely do need this if we don’t want our devices dying on us when we still have five hours of flying left.

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Best Apple-Certified iPhone Keychain Chargers You Can Buy
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