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My name is William Jackson, I am a YouTube content creator with over 85,000 Subscribers and I run a series called 10 Expensive things that are focused on the lifestyles of Billionaires.

My content consists of top 10's and list videos.

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How Smaller YouTube Channels Are Being Demonetized for "Reused Content"
2 months ago
Creators of YouTube took to Twitter last week en-mass to complain about a recent upsurge in the number of both verified, and non-verified channels that may have been unfairly demonetized in the last f...
Ultimate Guide to Better Your Chances of Getting Re-Monetized on YouTube
2 months ago
Whatever your channel has been de-monetized for, you have the chance to get back in, as your channel is not banned, and you still get to keep the subscribers you have! Trust me they will thank you for...
Apple Reportedly Planning Event for March 25th
5 months ago
Every March event Apple has held in the last few years has been around hardware and this year could signal a change from within the iPhone maker as they set their sights on a new streaming service cal...
10 Expensive Things Owned By Oracle Founder Larry Ellison
6 months ago
Larry Ellison is the owner and joint founder of oracle with a net worth of over $54 Billion dollars. That's why we are taking a look at 10 expensive things he owns.