Trevor Day

I own and operate a graphic design business, working with 3D printing to create an ever-expanding range of artistic coasters, homewares, gadgets and much more. Check out my range here:

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"So How Does That Work, Then?"
8 months ago
When people ask what I do and I reply with “I do graphic design using 3D printers,” the usual reaction of people is for their eyes to glaze over and then they say one (or both) of two things: “Ohh, so...
3D Printing - Introducing Itself!
8 months ago
Hi, I’m Trevor. I’m a freelance designer, running a small graphic-design business in the green and sunny (sort of) south-east of England, and for a couple of years now I’ve been working in the field of 3D design and 3D printing. When I last had a meeting with my business advisor, about how I could grow my business and find more customers, she thought for a moment and then said, “We’ve got several clients who are in creative fields, but I reckon you’ve got the toughest job of all of them.” “Why’s...