Tobias Gillot

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in the Medical Field
3 months ago
Artificial intelligence, or the mimicking of human cognitive functions using computer technology, is shifting the way certain industries function and reshaping the future. In medicine, the paradigm sh...
Everything You Need to Know About Feature Flags
3 months ago
Feature flags can seem both easy to use and very complex. Their basic concept is pretty straightforward, but feature flags can be very powerful tools and using them correctly takes skill. Here’s every...
3 Ways Cybercriminals Are Targeting Your Employees
4 months ago
Unless you’ve had it happen to you, it’s all too easy to underestimate the impact of a cyber attack on your business. From hacking attempts and phishing scams to full-on denial of service (DoS) attack...
What Is the Fastest Internet in Canada?
4 months ago
When you are searching for the fastest internet in Canada, you first need to understand the current state of Canada’s internet and the unique challenges it faces, followed by some promising solutions ...
What Are Kubernetes and Docker?
4 months ago
Container technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes, are basically types of virtualization solutions. These virtual containers are efficient and quick, allowing for multiple applications to deploy a...
Will Court Reporting Be Replaced by Technology?
4 months ago
With the rise of robotics, artificial intelligence, and faster and smarter computers, it’s understandable to be worried about your job security. Particularly for jobs that require the ability to liste...