Sukriti Taneja

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5 Apps Eating Your Phone’s Battery
5 months ago
You’re on the bus trying to reach for an important appointment. Suddenly you receive a call from the person you’re going to meet but as you’re about to receive the call, your phone dies due to a batte...
9 Keys for Password Protection
9 months ago
Cyber crimes and threats to online public information are on the rise. With hackers all around the world finding new ways of getting inside your personal online zone, the need for safer mechanisms and...
The 'React Native' Advantage
2 years ago
Building commercial websites and applications no longer needs you to be an expert. With the advent of web development kits and ready-to-use frameworks, the once complicated task has become something e...
How To Choose an IoT Solution
2 years ago
The Internet of Things (IoT) has captured the imagination of the world. Most of us use IoT everyday without even realizing it. Fitness trackers, virtual reality devices, smart air purifiers are all Io...