Salvador Lorenz

Thinking in nodes of progress, futurism, science, culture, and existence. I experience life in a number of ways, pertaining to mathematical concepts mixed with rich flavors of art.

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Best Eco-Friendly Gadgets
2 years ago
People are beginning to wonder if smart technology is making us dumb. When it comes to keeping our environment clean in line with advancing technologies, this heartbreaking realization seems to be the...
Best Sound Bars to Buy
2 years ago
Everyone loves music, and everyone particularly enjoys being able to get crisp, clean sound at home. That's why things like portable speakers are so popular, and why smart home devices come equipped w...
What's the Difference Between the Dark Web and the Deep Web?
2 years ago
Especially for non-techies, the Internet in of itself can be one of the most complex and irritating topics to understand. Grasping the concepts of a proxy server, cloud databases, or HTML coding can a...