Salvador Lorenz

Thinking in nodes of progress, futurism, science, culture, and existence. I experience life in a number of ways, pertaining to mathematical concepts mixed with rich flavors of art.

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The iOttie iON Charging Station Is Functional and Stylish
6 months ago
It may sound a little spoiled, but it's true. Aesthetics are important for everything from products to packaging. For the most part, we have everything we need, so if a company wants to make their pro...
Why Should You Learn Ruby on Rails?
7 months ago
I'm going to be very frank: There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't learn Ruby on Rails (RoR). If you love technology and computers, want to learn how to create robust apps, and hate boring ta...
Why Learn Java?
8 months ago
There's no denying that learning a new language can be daunting; and software programming languages are just that, languages that you have to put the time in to learn. Luckily the benefits easily outw...
How to Fix Your Facebook News Feed
a year ago
Facebook hasn't only recently come under fire for its news feed issues and ad blocks, it's been hampered by these issues for quite some time. You might not have been experiencing it as much as others,...
Ways Augmented Reality Is Shaping the Future
a year ago
What is augmented reality? It's a revolutionary new form of technology, quite similar to virtual reality, but different only for not being present within the screen. AR and VR technologies are greatly...
How To Create a Tech Podcast That People Actually Want to Listen To
a year ago
Though I'd typically say there's enough of them out there, quite frankly it has become clear to me that most people can't get enough of them, which is why you'll need to know how to create a tech podc...