Riley Reese

Riley Reese is comic book fanatic who loves anything that has to do with science-fiction, anime, action movies, and Monster Energy drink.

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Best Media Streaming Devices in 2018
a month ago
Cable sucks these days, right? Too many commercials, too high a price, and too much hassle has made it a bore. Many of us can't even afford to get cable at home, anyway. With more and more people pref...
Best 3D Printers on the Market in 2018
a month ago
Though it once was the stuff of science-fiction novels, 3D printing is very much a real thing today. Unlike what you may have seen on a show like Star Trek: Discovery, the modern 3D printer doesn't ju...
The Best Apple Watch Stands and Docks You Should Consider Buying
2 months ago
Ever since I got my first smartwatch, I finally understood all the buzz about Apple Watches. These watches aren't only useful due to the apps they have; they're as easy as possible to set up and make ...
Best Apps Every Drone Owner Should Use
4 months ago
Drones are really popular, and they are showing zero sign of slowing down in that sense. Everyone is talking about DJI Spark flying, looking at the best drones for beginners, and even talking about wh...
Is Virtual Reality Dead?
5 months ago
Only a year ago, tech fans were talking about the new VR boom that has been getting developed. Major companies like Samsung, Microsoft, and Google all came out with augmented reality gear or started t...
How To Protect Your iCloud Account From Hackers
5 months ago
Your iCloud account is so convenient, isn't it? It's easy to use, allows you to have all your files backed up in a nice little bank, and even connects your account to a bunch of different devices. The...