Riley Reese

Riley Reese is comic book fanatic who loves anything that has to do with science-fiction, anime, action movies, and Monster Energy drink.

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Best iPhone Battery Charger Cases
3 days ago
Smartphones are man's new best friend, and we are relying on them increasingly frequently. That's why we want our smartphones to have as much battery life as possible—especially if we aren't ready for...
Best Waterproof Gadgets to Take Anywhere
19 days ago
We live in a society that loves convenience and mobility. That's why so many gadgets are wearable, portable, and of course, waterproof. Today, you can find waterproof speakers, waterproof phone types,...
Tips to Help You Recognize Fake Gadgets
25 days ago
People who know me say I have an eBay problem. My thirst for online shopping bargain buys knows no bounds, which is specifically why I had to quit cold turkey in order to be able to afford rent. One o...
How To Spot A Bitcoin Scam
a month ago
Bitcoin has become synonymous with the cryptocurrency boom and online transactions. Once considered to be a fringe currency used only among criminals, these days everyone is trying to learn how to min...
Best Virtual Reality Apps
2 months ago
In the 90s, every kid wanted to be able to be beamed into their many gaming universes — just like in Tron. Though we aren't really in that level of virtual reality quite yet, the truth is that gaming ...
Security Apps for Android Phones
2 months ago
Your phone is a hub of information. It contains all the contacts you have, your work emails, your credit card information, and sensitive conversations you probably don't want to have anyone know about...