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The Flic Wireless Smart Button is Like Magic for Your Smart Home Devices
8 months ago
Did you ever have a moment where you got fed up with having to sort through all the minute details of life on your own? Maybe it was trying to yell at Alexa to dim the lights one too many times, or re...
How Orbit's B-hyve Keeps Your Gardens & Lawn Perfect Even When You're Away
8 months ago
Back when I was younger, there was always a telltale sign that people in my neighborhood had gone on vacation. If they didn't have a lawn care company watching over their yard, we would notice brown p...
10 Alexa Commands You Need to Know
a year ago
Alexa is Amazon's most popular invention and remains one of the most popular smart home AI devices on the market. "She" gets smarter every single day, is compatible with tons of smart home devices, an...
iPhone Accessories That Will Extend the Life of Your Phone
a year ago
When the iPhone X rolled out onto sales floors everywhere, people were elated. However, there came a small caveat. Like most smartphones these days, iPhones have a tendency of running out of batteries...
Creative Uses for Smart Plugs That'll Make Your Life Easier
a year ago
Smart devices that improve your home life are becoming increasingly popular in the mainstream world. Smart thermostats are known for saving money on energy bills while keeping your home comfortable. S...
Worst Microsoft Products of All Time
a year ago
Microsoft has made quite a few amazing products over its history. There was the revolutionary Windows 95 OS that took the world by storm during the 90s. Windows 7, too, remains one of the most popular...