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What Is Object Oriented Programming?
6 months ago
Understanding object oriented programming (OOP) is fundamental to any modern programmer’s knowledge base. There are a couple of ways to think about computer programming, each with their own benefits a...
10 Reasons Every Homeowner Should Own a FLIR ONE Mobile Thermal Imaging Camera
7 months ago
Once upon a time, thermal imaging cameras were reserved for high-stakes military operations and large technology companies. In today's day and age however, with advancements in the technology, you can...
The Best Budget Laptops of 2018
9 months ago
While needing a new laptop isn't itself an exciting thing, laptop shopping sure can be. You look at all the options, think about what you'll be using it for and what specs you'll need, daydream about ...
Which Smart Home Speaker Is Best for You?
a year ago
The latest buzz in the world of technology is digital assistants: Alexa, Siri, the Google Assistant... all the major tech companies now offer a voice-controlled digital assistant in some form. Now, th...
How to Choose the Right Laptop for You
a year ago
Remember the days when your entire family shared one big ol' desktop computer, and you'd fight tooth and nail for your half hour of playing minesweeper? Ah, simpler times. But now, we have access to i...
Best 4K TVs You Can Buy in 2018
a year ago
You know that feeling you get when you visit your parents' (or grandparents') house, and see that little grey-ish box, usually sitting on some kind of dresser or stand, too far away from any furniture...