Lovelli Fuad

A Riau-born full-stack freelancer. A storyteller, poet at heart, and a short story writer in my free time. I'm a Google local guide, and I also write for Hubpages and Blasting News US & the UK

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12 More Promising Social Media Platforms to Distribute Your Content
5 months ago
Although not very visual, these social media platforms are, well, very social. Some of them might sound familiar to you, because they have been around for some time. Many (but not all) are what the in...
13 Clean and Simple Open-Source Blogging Platforms for Your Developer Blog
5 months ago
If you are recently starting to learn web development and would like to keep a blog to discuss your learning and career options, open-source is definitely for you. Many popular blogging platforms are ...
Most Inspiring Phrases & Quotes Used in and About Tech
6 months ago
I’m not one for the motivational quotes collection, but I cannot escape noticing that some phrases and sayings come up again and again in articles about technology on the web. They can be inspiring an...
12 Promising Social Media Platforms Fit for Creatives
7 months ago
If you still haven’t deleted your Facebook account yet, then you probably know that it’s kind of a big deal to be present on social media. Although sometimes social media can feel like antisocial, it ...
How to Make Animated Graphics with Free GIF Makers
7 months ago
A GIF is a cheaper alternative to a full explainer video that you can feature in places like blogs and social networks. Animated GIFs, short for Graphic Interchange Format, are cool and easy to make. ...
11 Weird and Wonderful New Merriam-Webster Entries from Tech
7 months ago
You don't have to be working in IT to encounter tech jargon. Technology is known for coming up with new (and sometimes funny sounding) words and popularizing them in a blink of an eye. Old terms quick...