Lady Sunday

I'm a self-publishing author of fiction and I love to research and write creative non-fiction.

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Google+ Is Shutting down by August 2019
7 months ago
Due to the security breach that exposed half a million Google users private data, Google Plus is closing down. Google+ launched in 2011 and promised to be decent competition for rivals Facebook and Tw...
Openbook: Our Quest for a Safer Social Media Experience
9 months ago
I have had a Facebook account since 2009. Before then, I used Myspace for connecting with family and friends. I didn't even set up my first Myspace page. A friend did it in 2006 using a picture of me she had taken with her cellphone. Surprising me, she called me from her lunchbreak at work to give me my new account password. At the time, I don't think I even had an email, so she set me up with that as well. I was in no way shape or form 'internet savvy' at the time. I thanked her and that was my...