Kevin Gardner

Terms in the Technology Industry That You Should Know
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In the technology industry, there are a number of terms that are used to describe things that pertain to computer software, hardware, and general use. As a technology professional or entrepreneur, the...
5 Proven and Effective Tips to Double Your App Revenue
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The surprising growth of the mobile app industry is increasing by the day, and it is expected to double in 2020. Mobile devices with powerful apps are taking over the customary PC or desktops because ...
4 Tips to Optimize Network Performance
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Here are several tips that you can use to optimize your network performance.
Getting the Most Out of What You Have on Hand with DIY
2 months ago
DIY has been a big trend for a while now. And there's a good reason why it's growing in popularity. The more people try their hand at it, the more skill they develop, and the more skill they develop, ...
How Technology Has Changed the Way You Live in Your Home
2 months ago
The homes that we live in today have changed a great deal since generations before us. There are so many new technologies and automations that make our homes truly the homes of the future. When we loo...