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Most Powerful Women in Tech
3 days ago
The tech world has been filled with mainly men dominating the industry. However, this doesn't mean that there aren't incredibly powerful women in tech. And we've come up with the top ten women to cele...
Social Media Apps You Should Be Using in 2018
14 days ago
For the sake of this article, we have left out the most popular social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, and instead focused on the up and coming platforms that have the potential to...
What Makes Something Go Viral?
a month ago
To first understand what makes something go viral, you must ask yourself what makes something shareable? The concept is not terribly complex, but one that takes time to incorporate into your content, ...
Smart Home Gadgets You’ll Actually Use and Love
2 months ago
Create your home into a space that is easier, safer, and most relaxing with these ten smart home gadgets. Though there seems to be a market for unnecessarily expensive gadgets that just happen to conn...
Perfect Gifts for the Techie In Your Life
3 months ago
Tech gifts are often hard to shop for, especially when it comes to someone who seems to have everything they need. However, we have created the perfect gift guide that ranges from techies who love pho...
Jibo vs Olly, and Why Olly's Robotic Technology Exceeds All of Jibo's Features
3 months ago
After Olly released their slogan as "The world's first robot with personality" many people pointed fingers toward Jibo. However, Olly is the only robot in the world that will adapt to its owner's life...