Joshua Samuel Zook

Grew up in a religious household. Listened to countless sermons on the wrath of God. An epiphany struck him and he realized no one is that angry, not even God.

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10 Ways the Internet Affects Peoples' Minds
a year ago
The internet is one of the most significant innovations of all time. The story of who invented the internet is even significant. With it, the world has been able to interact with one another in ways n...
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Save that pretty penny, or in this case, a few hundred dollars because, although you are a student, that doesn’t mean that you have to be broke. We often hear horror stories about students going into ...
Cool Tech Gadgets for Fall and Winter
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Gadgets are awesome, regardless of what time of year it is. However, there are some gadgets that just make a lot more sense during some months than others. This is most obviously true with summer gadg...
Worst Dark Web Sites
2 years ago
The Dark Web has become a place where horror stories are born. Throughout the net, you can see rumors about sites that the Dark Web allegedly contains — and occasionally, screenshots that confirm that...