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My name is Jared. I'm always looking for feedback on my work. Email or visit my site . Thanks for reading my articles here on Vocal!

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Can Social Media Really Be Bad for You?
7 months ago
I’ve written about articles I’ve read on my technology blog and have also listened to podcasts in regards to the subject. While I just recently posted about the Equifax breach on the new 01.media site...
More On the Equifax Breach
7 months ago
The security industry is continuing to come out with more information in regards to the massive data breach at Equifax. This is not any ordinary breach, where a database was taken from a company and p...
Equifax Breach
7 months ago
Hello everyone. As lots of us know, there has been a recent breach, and this one has me really worried. This has nothing to do with the recent ransomware attacks that have plagued the news, but more s...