James Lizowski

Spends his days making his own Star Wars figurines. His craft has driven him to look towards the future, drawing inspiration from past technological advances.

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Most Luxurious Wearables for 2018
2 months ago
So far, this year has brought along so many amazing wearables that are geared towards ensuring maximum comfort. Yes, technology has definitely transformed the concepts of wearables, as more people are...
Must Have Compact Printers
3 months ago
"Compact printers" is another way to say portable printers. Small and, as their name implies, compact, they can also be mobile devices capable of supporting you on the go. They can print copies, photo...
Marpac Dohm's White Noise Machine Will Give You the Best Night's Sleep
5 months ago
When I had my first child, it was an absolute nightmare to put her to sleep. She was so sensitive to noises that she would immediately wake up from the sound of a pin dropping. What was worse was that...
Coolest Tech Gadgets Made in the USA
10 months ago
Say what you will about the massive amount of cool gadgets produced in China, but American products aren't always too far behind. In fact, many American companies are currently making cutting-edge tec...
Best Deep Web Search Engines
a year ago
Most people tend to avoid surfing the Deep Web, because of all the horror stories involving the Dark Web they've read. It's hard not to see why they'd be worried, but the truth is that most of the Dee...
Best Gifts for People Who Always Break Their Phones
a year ago
I have many friends who have a magical knack for dropping their phones, cracking their screens, and just finding new ways to make sure that the $1000 they plunked down on an iPhone quickly becomes for...