James Lizowski

Spends his days making his own Star Wars figurines. His craft has driven him to look towards the future, drawing inspiration from past technological advances.

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Coolest Tech Gadgets Made in the USA
6 months ago
Say what you will about the massive amount of cool gadgets produced in China, but American products aren't always too far behind. In fact, many American companies are currently making cutting-edge tec...
Best Deep Web Search Engines
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Most people tend to avoid surfing the Deep Web, because of all the horror stories involving the Dark Web they've read. It's hard not to see why they'd be worried, but the truth is that most of the Dee...
Best Gifts for People Who Always Break Their Phones
7 months ago
I have many friends who have a magical knack for dropping their phones, cracking their screens, and just finding new ways to make sure that the $1000 they plunked down on an iPhone quickly becomes for...
Best Drones for Aerial Photography
7 months ago
There are many reasons why someone might find drones to be a fun hobby to partake in. Gearheads love the idea of being able to tinker with technology, and drone maintenance definitely allows for plent...
Cyber Security Degree Programs
8 months ago
Cyber security has become a major political, social, and economic issue. Hackers have gotten into the Social Security database, have gained access into major electricity generators, and even have mana...
Best Cyber Security Jobs
8 months ago
Cyber security is more important now than ever before, and that's why it's a billion-dollar industry. Legally speaking, every business has the responsibility to protect clients from hackers, data brea...