Greg Bogart

I don’t know what to put here lol. I love writing and I love content creation, and I finally found the right spot to do it!!

The 10 Best Gaming Computers for Hardcore Gamers
4 months ago
What most non-gamers (or at least the non-serious ones) don't realize, is that most computers aren't necessarily primed for extensive gaming excursions. In other words, people going on three day World...
Protect Your Home From Afar with the Amaryllo Atom Security Camera
6 months ago
I have a bit of good news that I'm proud to share with the world—I recently became a first-time home owner. Well, I have about 20 years worth of mortgage payments before it's official, but for all int...
Charge All Your Devices in One Place with the Satechi Dual Charging Dock
7 months ago
So I recently received a gift from my significant other that was both a blessing and a curse—the Apple Watch. I've been a watch-wearer since my youth, but I have always preferred an analog watch to an...