Eugene Nelson Jr

Eugene Nelson Jr. was born on September 17, 1971 in Chicago, IL. Reading and writing came natural to him. He loves to challenge his mind. He created a role-playing game and a book based off that game. Both by the name of Covert Operations. 

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The GN41 [email protected] Mini PC! What a Find!
9 months ago
The GN41 [email protected] Mini PC I have been a techie since 1981. I have worked on, programmed, and built many computers in my lifetime. I have always preferred tabletop computers and only started using alter...
The Chicago Computer Club
10 months ago
Let me start this article by telling you what "The Chicago Computer Club" is. The Chicago Computer Club is a mid-level, full-service computer shop. They service, sell, upgrade, secure, and perform regular maintenance on computers in the Greater Chicago Area. They have stores from the far Southside of Chicago to the far Northside the city. They also have a store in Oak Park and one in South Holland. The Chicago Computer Club has been operating in Chicago for many years. I myself was a member and ...