David Wyld

Professor, Consultant, Doer. Founder/Publisher of The IDEA Publishing (http://www.theideapublishing.com/) & Modern Business Press (http://www.modernbusinesspress.com)

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The Tale of Boris, the Not So Intelligent Robot
3 months ago
Ah, the Ruskies! They are seemingly everywhere, and seemingly unstoppable these days. They are manipulating our elections, if not our President. They are invading their neighbors and flying bombers to...
Will the Future of Retail Be Augmented?
4 months ago
How many times have we seen it happen in just the span of our own lives? How many times have we seen the stuff of science fiction come to life? How many times have we seen characters in a movie from t...
Old Ways and Old Devices Die Hard
4 months ago
We all see them around and have them in our organizations. They are the ones who haul around their five-pound company-issued laptop. They are the ones still using a Blackberry—or worse, a flip phone! ...
Splitting Hairs, Everywhere
4 months ago
I am a football junkie. No, I don’t play fantasy football. No, I’m not a gambler (those casinos in Las Vegas didn’t build the fountains and the pirate ships off the backs of winners!) It’s just an enj...