Cato Conroy

Cato Conroy is a Manhattan-based writer who yearns for a better world. He loves to write about politics, news reports, and interesting innovations that will impact the way we live.

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Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers
3 months ago
Music makes the world go round, and that's why it's one of the wealthiest industries in the world. As music continues to become more and more digitized, carrying it with you gets easier than ever. If ...
How Augmented Reality Will Change the Way We Work
4 months ago
Imagine being able to go to work by just putting on a helmet or wearing the right pair of goggles. If the Microsoft HoloLens or the DAQRI Smart Helmet have their way, that's exactly what will be able ...
Best Drones for Beginners
4 months ago
Learning how to fly a drone isn't easy. There are a lot of knobs, twists, and turns, and if you have delicate equipment in your drone, a single crash can mean that you lose hundreds of dollars in an i...
Must Know Cyber Security Tips
5 months ago
Almost everyone has had their identity stolen at least once, or have heard horror stories about exploits on the Dark Web. Hackers are part of pop culture, and to a point, that should be reason enough ...
How To Care for Your Drones
5 months ago
A drone, at least a high-quality one from DJI or another quality drone company, can cost as much as $1,500 or more. Though they are rugged gadgets that offer a ton of fun for the right person, you nee...
Must Have Drones
5 months ago
Drones. They're everywhere these days. The US government kicked off the trend with their UAV's in the war, and with their use of surveillance drones — but they didn't stay in the military for too long...