Brayden Simmons

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How to Write a Virus
5 months ago
It's a harsh reality to accept, but ever since the conception of the internet, malicious people have been looking for ways to cheat, rob, or otherwise harm people. Whether it be by the hands of a hack...
I Got an EcoVacs WINBOT and I'll Never Clean My Windows Myself Again
5 months ago
I'm 4'11" and it is not fun. Being short is hard—I wore heels on the day I got my driver's license so I could say I was 5'0" on record. It wasn't my finest moment, but I'm still that short, so I don't...
Control Your Door with Your Phone and Watch It Automatically Open for You with the Danalock Smart Lock
5 months ago
Is it starting to feel like there's a smart version of every device out there? It might make the perceived value of each individual smart device seem a little less impressive, but smart locks are some...