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HT 838 Deluxe Steam Mop Review (Part 2)
18 days ago
One reviewer started their review by saying that this was not the first steam mop they have owned. They said their other steam mop was the same, but being over five years old, it was time to get a new...
HT 838 Deluxe Steam Mop Review (Part 1)
20 days ago
The HT 838 Steam Mop Deluxe is an effective little steamer. This particular package comes with two steam mop pads, so you have enough in the package to provide you with a couple of months of cleaning ...
H2O X5 Steam Mop Review (Part 2)
22 days ago
One reviewer states they purchased the H20 X5 steam mop for their daughter who has a dog and two young children. She said her daughter was very pleased with it, and that she has used it, and found tha...
H2O X5 Steam Mop Review (Part 1)
22 days ago
The H2O X5 steam mop features a great design that allows you to clean your floor surfaces thoroughly. This steam mop has a built in steamer so there is no need to add hot water. It also has the power ...
Holme HSM2001 Steam Mop Review Part 2
a month ago
This steam mop has a pretty good response from the consumers. It has also got very good reviews on Amazon. Customers love it! Here is what the reviewer says, she calls the Holme HSM2001 Steam Mop a ‘s...
Holme HSM2001 Steam Mop Review (Part 1)
a month ago
Holme Steam Mop HSM2001 reviews. Are you looking for the best steam mop, one that can clean not only hard floors but also carpets as well? You may be looking for the Holme HSM2001 Steam Mop. This stea...