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'Anonymous' and the Hidden War...

The Generalizing Statute (GS)

"We are Legion"

In the war of today, there are many roles played through the boundaries of individuals. Federal, state, and local governments all play a role in the fight for a better standard. There is much debate on how this should be done.

Upon recently meeting with one of these individuals, I have been informed much in the warfare that goes on. I hear that most individuals under the tag "Anonymous" are fighting for a cause, usually led to interpretation of the group's current logical standing.

The main resource I mention has reminded me of this. Under "Anonymity," there is unification and dispersion. It is a hold for protection under unification in a fight for what each individual feels is right under their standard for life. There are fighters in Federal, State, and public governments throughout. 

The person I met happened to be an Anarchist fighting for the destruction of Democracy and reforming the government in attempts to abolish the US Constitution.

In this sea of individuals, consisting of white, black, and grey hats, you have all the same horrors of warfare. Individuals hold under their "Anonymity" to fight for even what law dictates and cannot do in hopes to free us all from such enslavement.

In turn, Anarchists, fundamentalists, fascists, and others without political or religious holding have grouped under a singular identity. Rapists, thieves, abusers, slavers, molesters, terrorists, "freedom fighters," and protesters also use this same tag. I begin to realize how much of this is a loosely based "clan tag." A reminder holds how much people in old chat rooms held "Anon" or were given the tag "Anonymous" for guest accounts. Even the word itself has baffled me on my incoherence of the idea itself... You are a secret identity under the cause to hold your privacy for what you do. Not in itself are you synchronized in an idea held for self-preservation....

Individuals hack one another and trace identities to mold them. Eradication of an individual can be held with complete secrecy. People tend to go missing without notice, while others just disappear. Some even just learn HTML and protest the tag in a sea under the horrors of war.

We find many instances of this held within the illicit activities of the underworld, spanning from drug trade to intel gathering, past sex slavery, and selling of Military Grade weaponry...the list goes on. Much due course of action has been undertaken, but limited knowledge to the extent of how far one individual will go is highly overlooked.

Not all individuals are the same—all are held under the protection within their "Anonymity." It is also with "Anonymity" that many wish to bring the world to the way as they see it. A highly incoherent thesis many would subjectively say...

What comes to mind greatly is the prohibition of raves, and use of rave names. Individuals holding an identity at underground events to only give a fake name when finding a certain individual separate from their surface lives; inability to go off of a name like "Star" or "Ghost" that gives people harder tracking.

Social media, protest events, phishing, and gatherings of the sort play a large role in finding members worthy of cause. Holding to self is a minor role in the production of individuals, but hiding intentions most under your "Anonymity" leaves more to question. I'm sure much of the false pretense under "Gang Stalking" and its overlooking plays a large role in this...

How one begins and becomes to be accepted by these individuals without betrayal is beyond me. How much each individual finds or accepts these things folds me into deeper confusion....

It is not unlikely to find yourself in the wrong burrowing hole when you dig deeper. Something like Alice in Wonderland as it may seem for myself...Meeting a beautiful woman with blondish hair in a strange place, going deeper into the extreme...betrayal seems inevitable in this situation, but never underestimate who you are dealing with. Chances are you might find yourself in a bad situation....

Trade seems to be a large fundamental that the individual I met was backing. Her actions, although, seemed more as a follower rather than a leader...I question how emotionally invested someone became in such an openness to this cruelty, but with the coaxed extra time, I was granted more awareness of this point undertaken.

Without a proper closing, I could tell these were violent people. This person's interpretation of things fell short of a logical deduction. Another's actions, held themselves solely closer to their own. A proper due, I might say, under the circumstance.

Their trade has left me confused and unaware as to what they are truly involving themselves in. Rather than openly stating that "they" were responsible for some dastardly deeds, this person stated that they "knew" or "know" someone who has enacted them. A converse sense of misleading antics grew upon me the more this individual spoke. I felt as they were denying much of their own workings within her community. Much of what I have interpreted from this encounter is a lot to take in....

Online currency such as Bitcoin has opened a new world in trade for all of these resources, from public to federal warfare. Illicit trade being one of the most common things for Bitcoin since the "Silk Road" (There's a new one up and running even today in 2018). Many of us are left in the crossover between holding identity and those who conceal it even at face value. Without the proper way to protect oneself in the public, our safety is questionable...

Under Legion we may rise, but even under Legion, we may all fall.

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'Anonymous' and the Hidden War...
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