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ALIGN T-REX Remote Controlled Helicopter

The experience of flying RC helicopters is quite exhilarating. Their flexibility gives the pilot the three-dimensional access that no other device can.

The experience of flying RC helicopters is quite exhilarating. Their flexibility gives the pilot the three-dimensional access that no other device can. They are equipped with just the right amount of fun. Interestingly, many wives/girlfriends these days are looking for something unique that can work wonders as a present for their husband or boyfriend. A remote-controlled helicopter has just not limited itself to being a fun toy, it has become a hobby. People enjoy taking their RC helicopters for a spin every weekend, moreover, the feeling of flying a helicopter while being on the ground is just unexplainable. People take their helicopters to beaches, parks, or even malls so they could experience the fun of flying the along with their families.

A 90-degree angle is maintained between the Linkage Roads and Rotor Grip Arms of the ALIGN T-REX 700XN by the new swashplate servo design which allows fast and precise controls and also helps in advanced and stable flight. It is specially designed for providing superior flight stability to a nitro helicopter and provides better controls. A stylish look is created by the new blonde yellow layering paint. The rotor holder of this particular helicopter is strongly connected with the Align Advanced Metal Swashplate and it prevents the head of the rotor from becoming dismembered during intense or rough flight. 

The appearance of the ALIGN T-REX 700XN plane is made smooth by two new CNC blade holder arms. Several modifications have been made before releasing the new 3D Blade Holder arms allowing stability in flight and precision in controls thus making the unlimited number of flight possible, 

There is a wide range of variety of these helicopters and they come with added benefits. The ALIGN T-REX 700XN helicopter is built with either attached video cameras or mounting gears on which the user could attach their own cameras, moreover, it can be used for the sake of security or also for fun if a camera is mounted to them. I used this helicopter to perform the duties of drone cameras at my cousin’s weddings and boy it was so much fun to watch the video and pictures later on!

The ALIGN T-REX 700XN can be used as a security surveillance device, and could also be commendable if the user has good command over the device and its features. Another interesting fact is that these helicopters can be controlled through a smartphone, thus there is no need of buying a separate every time one buys a helicopter and can have a more personalized access to the device.

This helicopter is radio-controlled have an added benefit—they do not make the terrible noise made by the gas-operated helicopters. There is a very famous and easily found website that shows how to make helicopters. Many people have learned how to prepare hand-made helicopters and have now started designing their own which prove to be quite unique and also a very constructive hobby.

The Rotor Head System of the ALIGN T-REX 700XN uses a very low amount of CG design, thus, it effectively lessens resistance during 3D movements, again increasing precision and responsiveness. Gasoline and turbine engines are also used but helicopters like ALIGN T-REX 700XN that are Battery operated helicopters are ideal for use in residential areas because they do not make noise and thus avoid causing a disturbance in the neighborhood.

One can easily get acquainted with the ALIGN T-REX 700XN by getting hold of YouTube tutorials where trained professionals provide their useful guidance. If one sees fit, one can also join RC clubs where they can meet other people who share the hobby of flying and can display their devices which could also help them be aware of the different models and features. Many universities now have clubs where students hold flying competitions among their helicopters.

Final Verdict:

ALIGN T-REX 700XN is by far one of the hottest models of RC helicopters which just hit the market. It implements new direct to swash plate servo design. It has more precise and faster controls as compared to the previous model and could be a perfect treat for helicopter lovers.

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ALIGN T-REX Remote Controlled Helicopter
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