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12 Best Gadgets for Cleaning Your Home

For those hard-to-reach spots, have these gadgets for cleaning your home at the ready.

I'll be the first to admit it, I'm kind of OCD about a clean room. There are plenty of you who know exactly what I'm saying when I tell you that I find something so satisfying about everything being clean—I can't even stand to see coffee stains at the counter at work. Sure, every once in awhile I'll leave my pajamas splayed out on my easy chair, but more often than not, dirty clothes are in the hamper, dresser doors are closed, and even the tiniest strand of fabric is in the bin. Hell, you'd think I never sit at my desk just because everything is exactly where it should be at all times, absolutely no exceptions. 

It's probably a little unorthodox, but some of the easiest cleaning solutions I've found have been in the form of passive cleaning. The sound of the Roomba and air purifier whirring in harmony is something that makes me feel some type of way. If the sight of dust is as appalling to you as it is to me, these gadgets for cleaning your home will change your life.

Smart Speakers by Amazon

Before we get started on tools for cleaning, I understand that some people need to be in a particular mood to get their cleaning grind going. It can absolutely be argued that the most pivotal part to any cleaning experience is the playlist you're cleaning to. The Amazon Echo will make any chore seem like a breeze, as it allows not only the ability to rock out while you're drying your socks out, but also control other smart devices (which I'll get into below). The best part? If you're not feeling the Echo for whatever reason, you always have options when considering which smart home speaker is best for you.

A Blind Brush by Hiware

One of the most difficult and tedious cleaning experiences lives and dies in your window blinds. You never fully realize how much you don't have your life together until you run your finger under a blind and the dust stains your skin. Well, with a blind brush, I can personally guarantee that this problem is a thing of the past. With easily washable microfiber sleeves, this cleaning gadget will ensure that any snooping you do from your bedroom window won't be a dirty experience.

A Robot Mop by iRobot

Confession time: Mopping is the bane of my existence. I know I said earlier that I love a clean space, but there is something so inherently disgusting about mopping to me. First you have to come up with a plan, lest you want to stand in furthest corner of your house contemplating the way your life is going for a couple of hours. Next, as you go, your mop bucket's water seemingly gets dirtier and dirtier. Then, you're wet mopping all your hardwood floors despite your best efforts. Mopping is infuriating. Fortunately, even thankfully, it doesn't have to be with this cleaning robot. Rant over.

A Robot Vacuum by Neato Robotics

The future is now! Never, when I was a child being told to do my chores, did I think that there would be an easier way out then simply opening the closet door and hitting a button to start a cleaning robot. Now, with a device like the Neato Botvac, one of the best robotic vacuums for smart homes, you can ensure your house will be free of pet hair while you control the device with the help of your personal assistant, Alexa. How's that for premium service?

An Air Purifier by Guardian Technologies

Have there been times when, no matter how much you dusted or vacuumed, you still felt like your nose was stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey? Your sinuses will thank you with the purchase of an air purifier, especially if it contains a HEPA filter like the GermGuardian above. Allergens and dust particles be damned! These hands-free cleaning gadgets will be the beginning of a new life for you.

Self-Cleaning Pet Potties by PetSafe

If you don't love pets, I feel sorry for you. If you do love pets, but don't like the mess that comes with them, I have good news for you. Technological advances in pet-waste management systems is at the peak of performance, capable of wiping that puss from your face when you realize you need not worry about retching into your kitty's litter box while you're picking up poo ever again. For those of you who prefer Fido to Felix, there are also indoor cleaning pads perfect for training your pupperino.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning System by Flush 'n Sparkle

Speaking of hard to clean places, how about something for one of the most vile places in any household? An automatic toilet bowl cleaner is a product that reminds us that when you do things consistently over time, the results are usually that much more effective than the "one-and-done" approach. Pop this bad boy in, and that ring of undeterminable waste forming around the water in your bowl will wash away without you having to lift a finger!

A Baseboard Genie by Allstar Innovations

Has anybody but me ever thought, "Damn, cleaning would be so much more convenient if it was so much like an Olympic sport?" Anybody? Nobody...? With all the bending down, reaching up, rolling out heavy machinery, and the actual time spent doing it? It's a wonder most people's houses are ever clean! Baseboards though? Cleaning baseboards is the equivalent of Olympic curling. You're consistently dragging your knee on the ground, wiping away like a madman, getting screamed at by your partner. Instead of dealing with that, why not use a buddy to help you? Say goodbye to sore knees and an aching back, the baseboard buddy will practically do the hard work for you, making it one of the best gadgets for cleaning your home out there.

A Microwave Cleaner by Topist

If cleaning your home is synonymous with anything though, it's an angry mama (at least, that's where I got my mad cleaning skills from). Like most angry mamas, they usually wind up doing most of the work you skipped out on anyway! Because of that, why not utilize this little gem inside your microwave? Like many of the clever gadgets that clean your house for you, its quick set up and application make it the perfect device for setting and forgetting while you run downstairs to turn over your laundry. I don't know about you, but I love my angry mama.

A Robot Window Cleaner by Alfawise

No matter how hard I try, it just seems like windows are never clean. You wash and you wax and you slave away the day going from one pane of glass to the next, only for the sun to shine through and show you the streaks you left or the spots you missed. Nowadays though, technology has an answer for everything. At the very least, you can put those newspapers and slop bucket away! Window cleaning has never been this easy.

A Sonic Scrubber by SonicScrubber

Somebody was definitely brushing their teeth one night, stared at their mouth with their electronic toothbrush vibrating their teeth in their head, and thought, "I've got an idea!" Lo and behold, the sonic scrubber was born. Now, for those of you getting behind the faucet, in between the slits of your ventilation covers, and even detailing your car have a tool that is top quality, everywhere in, and out of, the house.

A Sanitizing Wand by Verilux

Now, as previously stated, I'm a little high maintenance when it comes to cleanliness. With that being said, this is the be all, end all tool for cleaning. The plunger on your toilet? Your doorbell? Any remote in your house? Give them a quick zap with this sanitizing wand, and be assured that all the germs and bacteria it waves over will bippity boppity begone from all your home devices.

Any of these gadgets for cleaning your home will satisfy the clean freak in you; but don't take my word for it, check them out yourself.

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12 Best Gadgets for Cleaning Your Home
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