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10 Apple Watch Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

Whether you've had an Apple watch for a while or have just recently purchased one, be sure to check out some of the cool Apple watch accessories on the market right now to make your new tool even more useful!

Approximately 23 Apple watches are sold every minute. This means that if there's an accessory you need or want for this device, chances are someone's thought of it. While there are a wide array of Apple watch bands out there to accessorize your look, the realm of Apple watch accessories goes far beyond that. Whether you want to keep your Apple watch charged, protect your watch, or keep a nice stand or docking station that both your Apple watch and iPhone can use simultaneously, they make accessories for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple watch versions.

W3 Stand by Elago

The W3 stand by Elago is a cool watch dock and one of the cutest Apple watch accessories, because it turns your Apple watch into a tiny first generation Macintosh desktop computer. Your Apple watch display fits into the watch dock and becomes the screen of the small Macintosh. From the small screen, you’ll be able to see everything your Apple watch normally shows you, and while you sleep, your watch will be safely held up off your bedside table. 

Bamboo Docking Station by Aerb

This bamboo docking station by Aerb is an iPhone accessory as well as an Apple watch accessory. This docking station has a great aesthetic design for your office or home and it holds your iPhone, your Apple watch, and even has a place for your business cards. No matter what Apple watch series you own, this docking station will work, because the spot for your watch is a hanging dock as opposed to a fitted spot. This bamboo docking station is simple, affordable, and a great organizational accessory.

3 in 1 Bracket Charging Dock by Oittm

If you want an Apple watch accessory that not only docks your Apple watch but also charges your watch, then this 3 in 1 charging dock by Oittm is a great option. This charging dock has one inside USB port, which can charge your iPhone or Apple watch from the stand on top, and it also has three added USB ports on the outside of the dock, so you can connect other gadgets for additional charging capabilities. For an affordable price, this charging dock does it all.

Pod Pro for Apple Watch by Nomad

The Pod Pro by Nomad works as an iPhone charging dock as well as an Apple watch charger. You can simply lay your Apple watch flat on top of the Pod Pro without even plugging it in, and this device will charge your Apple watch. The Pod Pro also has a cord that comes out of the side to charge your phone. Whether you have a sport band or a leather band on your watch, this watch dock can charge your watch easily from the back.

Watchcase Powerbank by Amber

The Amber Watchcase Powerbank is an innovative Apple watch accessory that will protect your Apple watch from the elements as it charges. Most people keep their watch in a case at night, and this rose gold Apple watch case is designed perfectly. It is a protective case and a charging stand all in one. 

Apple Watch Case by Spiegen

The Apple watch case by Spiegen is a different kind of watch case. Instead of being an Apple watch case that you keep your watch in at night, this Apple watch case will protect your Apple watch the way an iPhone case protects your phone at all times. An Apple watch is an investment, and it can easily be scratched or broken when you’re wearing it every day. With this Spiegen case, you’ll never have to worry.

Screen Protector by Supershieldz

Along with a watchcase, one of the best Apple watch accessories is a screen protector. This screen protector by Supershieldz is very cheap, but it will ensure that the screen of your Apple watch never shatters, whether you smash it into something or drop it on the floor. Placing a screen protector on your Apple watch is a wise investment. Don’t forget to buy one of these or you’ll regret it later when you have to pay for an expensive replacement screen!

Apple Watch Stand by Mercase

The Apple watch stand by Mercase is one of the best designed Apple watch accessories on the market. This Apple watch stand holds both your Apple watch and your iPhone upright, so that you can see the screens of both in a very convenient way. This Apple watch stand is perfect in night stand mode or for any desk. It even comes with magnetic charging cables, so you can charge both your phone and Apple watch while sleeping or working.

AirPods by Apple

AirPods are one of the most necessary Apple watch accessories. With the Apple watch, you’ll need Bluetooth ear buds if you want to listen to music using your watch, so wireless headphones are a must. There are also a wide array of Apple AirPod tips and tricks to use with both your phone and your Apple watch to make life that much easier. 

Portable Wireless Apple Watch Magnetic Charger by FLAGPOWER

The last on our list of Apple watch accessories you didn’t know you needed is the portable and wireless Apple watch magnetic charger by FLAGPOWER. This stainless steel magnetic charger for your Apple watch hangs from a keychain and is perfect for wireless charging on the go. It is pocket sized and can travel with you anywhere. Whether you want to clip it to your belt loop or your back pack, this charger is perfect when you realize your Apple watch is low on battery, but you don’t have time to sit down for hours. It works with all Apple watch bands as well, because the charger charges your phone from the back of the watch.

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10 Apple Watch Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed
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