shannon scott10 hours ago
Behind a Screen
Behind a screen... Everything is easier from behind a screen, it's easier to hide, to ignore, to hurl abuse at people, virtual strangers. It's easier to speak out, because at the end of it? It's all f...
Shady Johnsona day ago
Mobile App Has Changed Business Landscape to Enhance Customer Service
Nowadays, the travel and transportation industry is at the core of the global economy. Around tens of millions of goods are transported from one place to others to fulfill all the basic needs of peopl...
Nancy Da day ago
20 Hilarious Reactions from #InstagramDown
Instagram crashed again this morning, June 13th 2019, and the reactions from Instagram users every were... immediate! Twitter accounts that were otherwise being forgotten about, suddenly started tweet...
Kevin Gardner2 days ago
5 Proven and Effective Tips to Double Your App Revenue
The surprising growth of the mobile app industry is increasing by the day, and it is expected to double in 2020. Mobile devices with powerful apps are taking over the customary PC or desktops because ...
Kevin Gardner2 days ago
4 Tips to Optimize Network Performance
Here are several tips that you can use to optimize your network performance.
Solange Moore2 days ago
Roomba Review: Roombas in Comparison with Usual Vacuums
iRobot is a company which specializes in military robots and general robotic experimentation. They introduced a product called Roomba in 2002. The automatic vacuum cleaner was able to make its way aro...
Daniel Lyddon5 days ago
The Future of Entertainment Is Short and Sweet
As screens get smaller and attention spans get shorter, it was inevitable that entertainment would follow. As technology advances, entertainment adapts to fit the new media outlets on offer. Now tech ...
Jeremy Frommer5 months ago
CES 2019 Recap
I spent the last week with my team at the world's largest gathering for those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies: CES. It's a universe of innovation and inspiration, where capital-hun...
Riley Raul Reese5 months ago
I Started Charging My Phone on the Go the Green Way with Solar Paper
I'll admit it, I'm a "green fiend." Eco-friendly living is what I adore, and it's my way of making sure that I help the Earth with the money that I make. There's something just absolutely satisfying a...
Tim Kohut5 months ago
Meet MERGE: The Kid-Safe Universal AR/VR Goggles
It's no secret that AR and VR are all the rage amongst adults, but how can kids get in on the fun? For the latter, this new-ish technology might be a tad difficult to navigate. After all, when I was a...
Ryan Whitaker5 months ago
Charge Your Devices in Style with the Courant Wireless Charging Station
I am, admittedly, over prepared, in most cases. It may be because my Gameboy Color died once when I was at after-school care and I had to play Uno until my Dad picked me up, or it may be because I saw...
Rowan Marley5 months ago
Go Minimalist, Turn Three Devices into One with Onelink's Carbon Monoxide Detecting Alexa Speaker
If there's one thing we've all learned to love, it's the invention of the smart home. Smart home AI devices like Alexa let us set the mood in our houses, let us save money on energy expenditures, and ...
Buyer's Guide
What you should (and shouldn't) get your favorite technophile.
Meet Olly: The World’s First Robot with Personality
Into the Dark Web
Welcome to the Invisible Internet. Explore the inner workings of the internet you thought you knew.
Tata Nech4 days ago
9 Games and Platforms to Teach Child Coding
Do we need to teach children to program? Will this help them in the future? Even if you don't think your precious child will connect his life with this activity, the answer is yes! The most important ...
Kevin 5 days ago
Technologies Used Against Hackers Accessing Data
In the current era, technology has started to play a very important role related to the progress of a country. With all this technology comes a lot of threats, viruses and some serious issues which st...
Robocalls Are About to Stop
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted unanimously on Thursday, June 6, 2019, for telephone carriers to block illegal and unwanted robocalls before they reach consumers' telephones. This is...
Olivia Scott19 days ago
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business
When thinking of artificial intelligence, the first thing that probably springs to mind for most people is something out of a science fiction movie. However, it’s now begun to transform the lives of m...
Osei Agyemang 22 days ago
Cashless Monetary Exchange Is Just About Taking Over!
Money has been advantageous in all areas of life. Yes, money is used to measure value, pay all debts and taxes, and also manage inventory. But are the paper notes and metal coins really relevant now? ...
Linda Cartwright24 days ago
Why NLP Is the Crux of AI
Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of data science that aims to bridge the gap between human communication and computer understanding. Without a satisfactory natural language processing, Go...
Five Ways Smart Heating Can Improve Your Life
There is an increasing interest for smart functions in homes, and one of the most popular sections is smart heating. This feature can enhance your home living experience and make your day-to-day life a few notches more convenient. Here are five reasons why smart heaters are a good investment for your home.
Solange Moore2 days ago
Roomba Review: Roombas in Comparison with Usual Vacuums
iRobot is a company which specializes in military robots and general robotic experimentation. They introduced a product called Roomba in 2002. The automatic vacuum cleaner was able to make its way aro...
Aaron Dennis9 days ago
Blue Light Is Bad at Midnight
We’ve all been there. It was a long day at work. The kids wouldn’t be quiet. The ole’ spouse was as bad as the four year old. We’re tired, so we turn on the television and just try to relax, but then ...
Rose bellaa month ago
15 Things to Consider When Hiring an IT Consultant
Gone are the days when maintaining your business computer system was very easy. Whether you had a problem with software upgrade or need to replace the computer hard drive, you just called the nearest ...
Kevin 2 months ago
Benefits of Communication Software
5 Things You Need to Know
Mia Morales4 months ago
6 Ways the Internet of Things Has Affected Businesses
The Internet of Things (IoT) is making a big impact on businesses. The number of devices in 2016 will jump 30 percent to 6.4 billion and will double to 13.5 billion by the year 2020. The Internet of T...
Mikkie Mills15 days ago
Tech Topics that High School Students Should Learn
Living in this era we all are more or less aware of how much we useful and now necessary is having knowledge of technology and information. It is everywhere we see around us and therefore is crucial f...
Tobias Gillot3 months ago
Everything You Need to Know About Feature Flags
Feature flags can seem both easy to use and very complex. Their basic concept is pretty straightforward, but feature flags can be very powerful tools and using them correctly takes skill. Here’s every...
Stefan Ateljevic4 months ago
Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Smart Homes
Smart Homes are the latest advancement in home automation. This technology is quickly making a name for itself. Here are a few facts about smart homes that you have never heard of.
JARGUS a year ago
'Anonymous' and the Hidden War...
In the war of today, there are many roles played through the boundaries of individuals. Federal, state, and local governments all play a role in the fight for a better standard. There is much debate o...
Dharmang Patela year ago
Abstract This paper is an evaluation and analyzation of a mobile application called Coinbase. Coinbase is an android, iOS, and web application where users can buy, sell, and store digital currency. Th...
Passive Income: Cryptocurrency Mining
Cloud Mining vs Traditional Mining? Cloud mining is a service that allows consumers to rent cloud storage for mining. The cloud mining method uses hardware in a data center to mine Cryptocurrencies re...
Jilian Woods17 days ago
Pros and Cons of Using Drupal as Your Site's CMS
High-quality CRM is the key to success for any site. But what qualities should CRM services meet? The list should include the functionality of the system, the number of required modules, the ability t...
Alexandra Umbra18 days ago
Smart Bathroom TV in Mirror with WiFi to Enjoy Every Moment
You can relax, and enjoy every moment of life with one of the beautifully designed waterproof TVs incorporated with advanced technology, including integrated Digital Tuner, and high-tech LED screen wi...
Jus L'amore25 days ago
Pick a Bike, Give a Bike, with the Story Electric Bike
It is very rare you come across an item on the market that is not only technologically modern and sleek looking, but that is also environmentally friendly and gives back to those in need. However, at ...
Kevin Gardner2 days ago
4 Tips to Optimize Network Performance
Here are several tips that you can use to optimize your network performance.
Kevin 3 days ago
IT Security for Individuals and Organizations
The best way to prevent computer security breaches is by first understanding potential risks that are out there. Risk assessment surveys are great ways of identifying the risk an individual or organiz...
Kevin 14 days ago
How to Manage Data With Cyber Security
Companies no longer concentrate only on keeping intruders out of their networks. Instead, they are focusing on tightening controls, and building higher walls around their data infrastructure. Business...
Wesley Ma month ago
Revolutionary Technology vs Changing Technology
Technology like the printing press, the internet, and social media have not revolutionized media, or its mediums. The technology only makes media’s distribution, and storage easier, and more efficient...
Andrej Kovacevic3 months ago
Four Groundbreaking Devices That Started Today's Tech Revolution
These days, the average person is walking around with a smartphone in their pocket that makes a room-sized mainframe of 30 years ago seem like little more than a calculator. That speaks to the insanel...
Paisley Hansen4 months ago
How Google's Algorithms Have Changed Over the Years
The internet has changed the world in extreme and profound ways. If there’s one website or service that can be thought of as the gateway to the internet, it’s certainly Google. Google processes an ast...